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With this app, you can update and save your twitter automatically on the calendar. You can use your everyday tweets like a diary. You can also use it as a Twitter Client with an easy operation. #You can retrieve your search users and search words. (You can also get updates from those users that you don't wish to follow.)
# You can add multiple accounts. (You can easily switch one account to another and check tweets on separate calendars.)
#You can choose from seven check frequencies: every hour to every 24 hours.
How to use this app.
1. Authorize your account from the settings. (You can enter registered email address and password in your default browser.)2. Select the frequency
・From my page, you can check your timeline. Your tweets on my page will be updated in real time.・You can search your tweets history from the search menu.・You can check the number of tweets from each tab. Click the month you want to see.
####Please change your settings below####
・Please add search users and search words. You can add 5 users and words for each account. (After that, you will have to make a purchase.)・You can change your notification setting after your account is synced.・You can change whether you would like to fetch your direct messages or not.・You can change your reply settings. (Your replies won't be saved if you choose not to show your replies.)・You can change your retweet settings. (Your retweets won't be saved if you choose not to show your retweets.)
You can add an account from "account." (You can add for free, but after five accounts, you will have to make an additional purchase.)
----------- Useful Tips ----------
・Hold the timeline in the calendar for a larger screen.・Pin your tweets for your future search.・Highlight with your favorite color on the calendar.・You can use log search for your top page and use twitter search for your my page search.・Please move the app to SD card when your data volume becomes excessive. ・Even if you delete the app, you can still restore accounts up to ten.
We are tweeting our updates on the official twitter. TwitterID:@t_d_hiofficePlease follow us!Please give us your feedbacks through replies or direct messages. We will use them for the next update. Thank you!
・Internet access (We will only grant access to Twitter Inc and Google Inc. We will not allow any other access through our server.) ・Writing files on the external storage. (We will only use the external storage when we save images and move the app to SD card.)・In-app purchases (You can make a purchase when you want to add additional accounts, search users, and search words.)・Retrieve the network status. (We will check your internet status when the app connects to the network.) ・Retrieve the wifi status. (Same reason above.)
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